13 September 2015

So this blog has been quiet. We moved. We didn't have internet. We had a baby. We got internet again.

You know. Big stuff.

But seriously. Life has been a little crazy, and somewhere in the middle of that crazy, baby three arrived. Specifically: on September 7 at 3:06am.


Roman John Rhodes
(Roman pronounced like a citizen of Rome., not roMAHN like the nurse at the pediatrician's office presumed. We're ethnically too uninteresting to manage that pronunciation.)

Anyhow. There he is. Nice and fresh and ruddy with weirdly dark hair which will probably go full tow after a year or so of peach fuzz. Or maybe he'll keep it, and then maybe he could make a go at roMAHN. 
He was big.
Broke the family record by a pound and a half. Let's all pray along with my tailbone that he keeps that record.

 First family photo:
The kids were pretty enamored with him.
Especially Lucy June. So we have about 500 versions of this photo:
I'm doing well. I'm trying to relax, but - as you instafriends already know - our first week was a little bumpy. 

Birth story was hardly anything to write home about, but write it I soon as I have two hands to do it.
Little Ro is a pretty charming baby so far and a great sleeper. He felt like a stranger at first, but his slopey Rhodes eyes quickly melted my labor-weary heart.
Thank you thank you thank you for all the well wishes! I'll be back soon I promise!


  1. Awe congratulations!!! He is so precious and that 1st picture with big sister making over him is one for a frame!

  2. Honestly such a handsome boy. I hope the first week mellowed out - I can't believe you had to deal with such drama within a couple days! Much love to you, Rhodes crew.

  3. Congratulations! I absolutely love the pics of him with his sister. Precious!

  4. Congratulations!! What a beaut!

  5. Haha, roMAHN! Love it! And, good-ness, Katie! 9lb 12 oz, you're my mama hero! Congratulations on the sweetest new addition! Praying you rest up! And enjoy his little bigness ;)

  6. What a little doll!! Love these photos :)

  7. Congrats Katie!! Love seeing these pics of you and your sweet fam!

  8. Congratulations!! The photos of the kids with Roman are adorable :)

  9. congratulations mama! what a sweet, chunky little boy :)

  10. Congratulations!!!! You look amazing and little (or big) Roman looks so delightful.

  11. Aww yay! I'm impressed that you're blogging so soon already. Keep loving on those little ones. :)

  12. Just getting on the blog after a crazy couple of weeks, and you had a BABY! How awesome. He's precious - love the little baby chubby cheeks. All 4 of my boys were 9 lbs and over, but you've got me beat!! Congrats!



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