7 Quick Takes Friday

18 September 2015

- 1 -
Things are going smoothly enough at casa Rhodes. Just smoothly enough. We're making very slow progress on the remodel, but we're managing most of life's ordinaries: and by that I mean diapers (disposable) and meals. It's pretty much about the in-one-way, out-the-other, and repeat around here. 

- 2 -
Roman is a pretty delightful little baby. He was sleeping five hour stretches at night for his whole first week and has only gotten marginally worse. My difficult baby (Jake) wasn't very difficult till he was two weeks old, so I'm holding out till Tuesdsay before I declare Roman the best Rhodes infant ever.

- 3 -
He also inherited his mom's nostril flare...#meltmyheart

- 4 -
Do you of the Catholic mom variety follow Sanctanomina? She did a birth announcement for Roman and pretty much nailed our thought process about choosing Roman's name. Definitely clickworthy!

- 5 -
I've got two loaves of zucchini bread in the oven, and I'm heating milk up to make yogurt. (Remember pretty much the only tutorial I've ever put on the blog about making yogurt without dirtying a single solitary dish except a spoon?!? I didn't think so.)

It feels like I'm seriously overreaching. This is as adventurous as I've been in the kitchen in probably a month, and even though everything seems to be going fine and two kids are sleeping and the other is semi-quietly playing with legos, I'm positive it's going to devolve with no warning. So many times in the past eleven postpartum days, my life has gone from peaceful, idyllic, newborn-sleepy-smile loveliness to a baby wailing, toddler tantruming, bodily fluids flying, and mom crying, in a matter of seconds. So yes. Bread in the oven and milk steaming on the stove feels like a recipe for total chaos.

We shall see.
- 6 -
 I scored my first curated, thrifted good from Blythe and Noelle's instagram shop "The Haul." I'm not a jewelry person or any kind of accessory person really, but I've decided to become one in my thirties. So I'm starting with bangles.

- 7 -
What with all the upheaval in our lives recently, I wanted Jake to have some new special thing,  so we started him in soccer. He's a natural.

Happy Weekend! And visit Kelly for more quick takes!


  1. Looks about what like our team looks like!

    Have fun and get good snacks because that's what what they really want anyways!!!!

  2. Yay for the bangles and the stretches of sleep! Pray he's stays just as sweet! I'm so boring when it comes to jewelry! Always have been and have a feeling I always will be. But, who knows? I got bangs for the first time this past year after not having them since I was ohhh say 6. Bangles may just be in my future. Maybe.. lol I'm happy for yours though and I just like that they're called bangles. It's a fun word. Okay, I'm off!

  3. Aww thanks so much for the shout-out Kate!! And your soccer pic made me laugh out loud :)

  4. Don't know how I missed this news but CONGRATS on Roman's arrival, he is beautiful!!

  5. Ahhhh! Roman is so cute! Big babies are the best!

  6. That photo of Roman is the cutest! Can't wait to meet him.

  7. That wooden baby seat/whatever you call those is adorable! Where did you find it?? I'm thinking we need some more non-baby-looking-things whenever baby #2 happens for us and that is fantastic!

  8. Hope the zucchini bread and yogurt didn't end up a disaster and that Roman has officially been declared best baby ever. He's the cutest!


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