Night Night

10 December 2013

Someday, little Lucy June, you will be two years old. And our evenings together will be very different.

Can I be two minutes? Can I be two minutes? Please. Please. PLEASE. NO NO NO. It's not night night time. It's just wake time. I want to run around. Can I be two minutes running around? No, I want my monster pants not my map pants. Not my map pants. Only my monster pants.

Tell me an ocean story. Tell me an ocean story. Tell me an ocean story about the helicopter and the giant fishes. Lie down with me for two minutes. Lie down with me. Lie down with me, Mama. Door open. Door closed. Door open. Door closed. Put a blanket on me. Put a green blanket on me. No No. Only the fuzzy one. Put a fuzzy blanket on me. My toesies. My toesies. Put a blanket on me.

Put some water in my sippy cup. Put some cold water in it. Put some just some nice cold water in it. I'm wet. I'm WET. I'm just wet on my shirt. Ouchy ouchy. I got a ouchy, mama. My knee is ouchy. Put some water on it. Put some water on my knee. Mommy mama mommy mama mommy mama mommy mommy.

Mommy mama. Mommy mommy.

I have a poopoo.


  1. Me, ": ))))))))))))))))"
    John, "What's so funny?"
    Me, "have you read Katie's blog today?"
    John, "Tell me about it."
    Me, " : )))))))))))))"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I walk away from this post thinking, "I want map pants."

  4. The best part about reading what kids say is that we get an inside peek of how the parent's talk to them. I can see you use the "two more minutes" rule a lot!

  5. I love that your mom knows how to comment!!

    This is alllllll too familiar. But last night Julia was so polite about her bedtime procrastination I fell asleep on the couch as she danced to the Sugar Plug Fairy ..... again. at 10pm.

    We are mere putty.

  6. Yes yes and yes. I have three year old twins and this is evvvvvvvery night! I laughed out loud at the I've got poop, because 99% of the time that's what I hear after I tell them "I'm not coming back in!!". Oh crazy toddlers...


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