Blitz Posting During Naptime

17 December 2013

Reporting from my parents' house in Fredericksburg where we will spend these blissful last days before Christmas and before Jacob's work picks up so much I basically won't seem him for two months. Both the kids are sleeping and the internet is working - these things coincide for about five minutes a day at my parents' so I thought I'd jump on the old blog.

I'm currently in a dilemma. My baby is sleeping against my leg and if I leave she will surely wake up, but the dryer just finished and the end of cycle alarm (which I stupidly forgot to turn off) is beeping every few minutes right next to where my toddler is sleeping. There certainly were days in my life where more was on the line and involved much more complex problem solving, but as far as one mother of two littles is concerned: this molehill mountain is basically insurmountable.

Opes. The typing woke baby girl up. She's basically delightful except for when it comes to sleeping. I'll be very cheery about it and just say she's a bit of a princess when it comes to her sleep preferences which are on mama, on mama, or on mama. See. Here you find us as we are now in the glow of my computer screen.

Me. My half asleep candy cane baby. My top knot. And Jesus.

Ok. Ok. My time is running out till my toddler wakes up and I'm feeling some pressure to say something (Anything!) substantial.

Let's see.

So many of you said such nice things about our engagement story, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Jacob liked it too. He said this about it:

"I like your version of the story more than mine which involved me showing up to your empty house and going to Walmart to buy the torches and my tie. You were SUPER late coming home from your trip, and I was sitting around sweating bullets until I got to go have a very nerve wracking conversation with your dad outside of St. Mary's where he asks me: 'Do you think she'll say yes?' And that made me feel a lot better."

But I did say yes. See:

And with that, my little man is awake which means I have about sixty seconds till he realizes that neither Nana Suzie nor Uncle Robert are home and settles for a post nap hang out with his mother.


  1. My babies only sleep on me too. I love/hate it.

  2. Awww such a sweet picture. Still the best and most beautiful wedding I've been to :)

  3. I vote for an engagement story from Jacob's point of view.

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