Five Favorites: Postpartum Edition

06 November 2013

- 1 -
I don't really enjoy wine while pregnant. I can get behind white wine, but red, not so much. Something about the room temperature liquid just kinda turns my stomach. But postpartum, my wine-o self pedals in with a vengeance.

My hometown has become a bit of a wine destination in the last decade or so and the Becker Vineyards Malbec is one of my favorites of the Fredericksburg wineries.

I typically don't spend more than $4 dollars on a bottle of wine except on really special occasions, because...well because I'm cheap. I realize that piece of info probably undermines any wine advice I could ever give, Anyhow, my parents spoiled me with this wine while staying at their house, and now I've had to carve a special spot for Becker Malbecs into our grocery budget for at least the next three months.

- 2 -

Enough Said

- 3 -

The authoress of Team Moore is a new buddy of mine out Houston way. And I pretty much already knew she was the awesomest, and then she brought us dinner, wine, dessert, and did ALL OUR LAUNDRY. That's right. ALL OUR LAUNDRY. So that pretty much makes her a rockstar. Visit her blog. Laugh. And be jealous that she isn't your neighbor.

- 4 -

My little man has put some miles on his diapers and baby #2 finally got me to throw away the old and make way for some new pocket diapers. But as many CD moms know pocket diapers aren't the cheapest...unless you hit up They have excellent customer service and really sturdy diapers especially considering the price tag. So if you're looking for pocket diapers on the cheap you should hit them up.

- 5 -

My sister-in-law alerted me again to this gem of a birth plan. It's been around for a while but well worth a click if you haven't read it before.

Now I'm off to find something other than The Walking Dead to watch while holding a sleeping baby. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 3 even if every episode had me pondering how hungry zombies sounded remarkably similar to hungry newborns.

Happy Wednesday! Visit Hallie for more favs!


  1. I'm watching Freaks and Geeks right now, on the recommendation of Bonnie from a Knotted a Life. It's pretty much adorable.

  2. Those pocket prints are too cute! Makes me wish we needed more diapers... But I think we've got a good 4-day supply (and that's for twins!), so I really *shouldn't* buy more!

  3. Hey I always love coming across other Texas bloggers!
    Congrats on your new little one. Those diapers are adorable, I'll have to go check that site out...

  4. Ha! We just caught up on The Walking Dead tonight. I always say I'm not going to watch it, and then I do. We also watched Person of Interest! Have you seen that? It's pretty good, but we are Jim Caviesel fans :)

    I'm going to check that diaper website out!

  5. Thanks for the wine recommendation. Love me some good red wine! But I am also el-cheapo, so I'll have to reconcile that.....

  6. My cheeks are red, this is veryvery sweet :) we are just so happy for you! I say we have a Revenge marathon and you bring your laundry. Perfect excuse to hand over the children to our husbands for the day (except for your beautiful Lucy of course).


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