7 Quick Takes

15 November 2013

Joining Jen today and adding my mediocre ramblings to the fray of quick takers.

- 1 -
Let's start with the most important thing, shall we? How many chocolate chip banana muffins can a mom eat in one day? Because I'm impressing myself.

- 2 -
Speaking of overeating, let's talk exercise. I went for a walk with my mother-in-law when she was visiting last weekend. Excepting a few rogue sun salutations, it was my first time being exercise-y since #2 came along. And it felt very very foreign. I walked a few times a week while I was pregnant. I also did the occasional exercise video but Jake became mesmerized by the "exercise lady," and it kind of weirded me out. It doesn't take much to opt out of exercising and into couch-surfing in the third trimester.

- 3 -
Now I'm sitting here trying to imagine a routine run with two little people in tow. For the time being while we're living in this little second floor apartment, I will be toting the offspring down some not-so-forgiving stairs and somehow maneuvering a massive jogging stroller out of the trunk of my car while keeping my toddler from dashing into the street and not dropping the baby. We will then make our way to a massive culvert that cuts straight through Houston called "The Bayou" where we will take up entirely more than our fair share of the jogging trail. As I play this over in my head, I'm counting all the potential catastrophes, and it's very daunting.

What is the multiparous jogger to do? Will I go the Grace route and do a daily wrangle with the kids and the ever-expanding stroller? Will I go the Kendra route and wake up before the littles in order to huff and puff in peace?

- 4 -
Photo dump of recent visit by Abu Joanie and Uncle Michael

- 5 -
Jake came out of his room last night holding two round blocks against his chest:

I have some airplane nipples. They're blue. No! They're bird nipples. They're for birds to land on so they can see at night.

Don't worry. My parenting book will be out sometime this spring.

- 6 -
A man and his children:

This was right before Jacob let the slinky go and sent it flinging at his son. He said by way of an apology: "Sorry, Jake, I had to let it go otherwise you were going to let it go and it was going to hit me."

Such a keeper, that man.

- 7 -
This morning at breakfast we asked Jake who all was in our family. He replied: "Baby sister, Papa, Jake, Mama, and her computer."

I will take that as a good enough reason to close the laptop...at least until naptime...

Go see Jen for more Quick Takes and have yourselves a lovely weekend!


  1. #7- OH MY GOSH. I laughed so hard. #6 too because Sean would totally do that.

  2. at least he acknowledges the computer is yours....

  3. Ah, so good, so good!

  4. I love Michael rockin' the Ergo baby… while still playing frisbee. :)

  5. I always did the "wog" (as Grace calls it!) with the kids in the double. It was something to do during the day and broke up the monotony of hanging in the house with small people. And who doesn't love to get outside? Part-way through our regular route, there is a bridge over a small creek. Their favorite thing was for me to collect "gumballs" and acorns along the way, and then I would let them out of the stroller and they would throw all their treasures off the bridge into the creek waters. Hours of entertainment!

  6. OH my gosh. So funny. Don't mind me if I sit and cradle a box of gfree vanilla chex cereal as I read your post about inhaling food and (not) exercising...

  7. Totally laughed out loud at number 7!

    And I'll tell you what a multiparous jogger does... Doesn't jog :P

    But maybe... Put the toddler in his car seat while you wrangle the stroller out of the trunk? I dunno... We've long since outgrown the double jogger and really I only ever "jogged" with it once, because we were going downhill and it was too heavy for me to keep the leisurely pace I had set.

  8. Jake is so tall!! And Lucy June is still so beautiful! #6 is hilarious...


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