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07 October 2013

I just got back from an OB appointment. Last week's ultrasound went totally fine. Everything looks good. Little girl is measuring fine. She's just nice and low. This would seem hopeful for a soonish delivery, but it is apparently doing nothing except turning up the heat on the good ole BH contractions.

In an uncomplicated pregnancy like mine, I don't think internal exams really do anything except confuse at this point, but I wanted any info I could get since Jacob is still working four hours away, so I had my OB check me.

You'll all be happy to know that I'm dilated 1/2 cm LESS than last week.

I also have caught a cold from the delightful two year old who sometimes gets mentioned on this blog when I can stop talking about my pregnancy for half a sec. So I'm a little bit miserable, but grateful that I don't have to rally for anything except a daily nap.

But let's cut short the doom and gloom and see how long we can ramble on about unrelated things.


I've been reading Jen's recommendations for books on writing, because someday I will write a novel, and my nesting energy sent me to my bucket list after I cleaned my parents' fridge. I'm enjoying them a lot. I conned my mother into buying the recommended reads "for her house" because she's writing a book and she loves me and I'm spoiled.


I've often thought about doing a post on the parenting advice I've received from my mother over the years. She doesn't offer a lot of advice unless she thinks you're fishing for it. I actually learned from my friend's mother in high school that this is actually one of my mother's parenting rules. My friend's mother was saying how she takes every opportunity to guide and direct her children while they're still at home. She asked my mother her thoughts, and my mother said: "I answer their questions."

And she usually answers you sort of cryptically, so hmm...

Some gems that I've remembered from her over the years.

I once asked for some advice because I was worried about screwing up my kids, and she responded:

"Oh, honey, you don't have to worry about that. You will."

Another time a brother of mine asked why my mom hadn't communicated some basic rule of etiquette to him and she said.

"I guess I figured someone else's mother would do that."


Jacob is coming to visit this weekend! He's been working A TON for the past month and hasn't had a single day off since mid-September. I'm very proud of him and grateful for the work, but guy needs a break and I need someone to apply constant pressure to my lower back.



Jacob does a lot of things very well, but he's not the best at communication in these "long distance" situations. In August when I left him in Houston to visit my family for eight days, I realized after the first four that he hadn't initiated communication between us once. So I did a little test and stopped contacting him completely and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And four days later he finally called. I missed the call, but I was so excited I was giggling. I had done it! I didn't cave! I then proceeded to listen to his message in which I was dosed with absolutely no sweet-nothings, and he asked me one completely and utterly practical question and signed off.

I am happy to report that I was a little less petty this time around and admitted in a heart to heart one night before I left, that I needed him to contact me at least ONCE a day. It's been eight days, and he's 7 for 8.

THAT, my friends, is what I call progress. 


My sister-in-law just outed her blog to me today, and I will take this opportunity to shout it from the blogger-tops.  HEAD ON OVER and love on her recipes and my goddaughter!


Signing off with some photos of general loveliness from our recent days.

An evening walk with my 93 year old grandmother. I can almost keep up with her.


Gnarly oak trees.


Jakeboy and his Opie.


Jakeboy and his best friend.


My beloved Texan Hill Country. My heart doesn't beat anywhere the way it beats here (...perhaps encouraged by the biweekly scorpion sightings.)


 Check back tomorrow, and I'll hook you up with some 38 week belly shots. Pinky swear I will.


  1. Love the last photo! Your boy is adorable. I am jealous of your progress of communication with your husband, when mine travels for work the rare check in sets me into a panic! (because he never calls so I am always convinced something bad has happened)

  2. Sending up prayers for the homestretch -- that it not be too wearing on your patience. Furthermore, I'm still more than slightly ticked that Kathleen took so long to give us the blog scoop.

  3. Love the pictures! Love the whole post! Good luck!

  4. This has me giggling in delight at your great writing talent (and again observing the little similarities your husband has with mine...)


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