"We have to dress up, and the entire cast and crew will be there."

30 April 2013

As promised yesterday, I'm back for an unprecedented two days in a row of posting.

Last night thanks to an insider friend blah blah blah, Jacob and I got to go see the premiere of Netflix's new season of Arrested Development.

We've done some semi-glamorous things in Hollywood in our years here. Back when Jacob worked for Jerry Bruckheimer we constantly found ourselves at CSI wrap parties where I still managed to enjoy the buffet despite constantly making a fool of myself because I didn't recognize any of the cast.

We got to go to cast and crew screenings of this piece of cinematic genius

prince of persia2

and this feat of fantasy

sorcerer apprentice2

More recently with Jacob's new company we were invited to the premiere of this


where I caught sight of all kinds of teen starlets, but unfortunately Emma and Jeremy didn't make the trip across the Atlantic consequently missing all the dry ice fountains at the Roosevelt after party.

...I think you get the picture...

Enter last night where we get the chance to go see the premiere of one of my all time favorite shows. If you made it to the post quickly enough yesterday you know we got to see two episodes of the new season. I  had to update the post to edit out that info because, immediately after I clicked Publish, Jacob forwarded me this email:

AD blogger scoop

Bet you didn't realize how "enterprising" the R Log was...

Anyhow it was awesome. Though my pics weren't. Here's a blurry picture of the cast.


That's Jessica Walter in the pink. Pretty much as close I got to her, sorry Jessie.

And another picture of...an ostrich.

We got to see Patton Oswalt (If you have ANY geek tendencies at all and 8 free minutes you should do yourself a favor and watch this clip.) and lots of other nifty people.

I loved the episodes. Jacob says he was a little disappointed - which I suppose I should tell you so you don't get your hopes way way up - I however hardly remember if I liked them because I was too busy maintaining the stupidest grin on my face.

May 26. 

Feast of St. Phillip Neri, patron saint of joy and humorists, 
ADvent (forgive me) of Season 4.

We await you.


  1. Was she in all her Lucille-y drunken glory? Was Gob in his "$2700- no $3100- my $4000 suit! COME ON!!!" Hope so.

    I approve of your closing pun. I look forward to it with all my ad-lovin heart.

  2. May 26, May 26, May 26!! I can't wait. I love the show and I'm so jealous of you!


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