Toddler Mementos

27 March 2013

So Jake is talking more and more, and I absolutely love it. It's been my favorite part of parenting so far. So I will - as mom bloggers do - preserve some of the gems here periodically. And you can all tell me how no toddler has ever said anything cuter.

This morning as soon as he woke up, he came into bed with us and asked for "More Diego?" Jacob asked him if he was just with Diego in his dream, and Jake nodded. Then Jacob asked what he and Diego were doing, and Jake said they were eating flowers. (Of course, what he said sounded more like: "eedeen dours.")

He will repeat something FOREVER until you acknowledge it: 
"ees nunning. Nunning. Nunning. NUNNING!" 
"Yes, Jake, he's running." 

Whenever we let him sip a carbonated beverage he calls it "Spicy Juice." 

He really likes making people laugh. On my birthday, I kept asking him to say "Happy Birthday, Mama" and he would say "Happy Burday Jake!" and then crack up. Now whenever I laugh at something he does, he turns to me with a big grin and says "Happy Burday Jake!"

He's obsessed with skateboards, helmets, honey bees, balloons, Diego, and basketball hoops. 

Butterflies and helicopters are pretty OK.

We have some friends whose last name is Delgado and he calls them the "Avocados" ("Adodados")

He knows things come in two sizes: "BIG!!" & "baby"

He loves reading books, with us or by himself. Now when he reads books to himself he narrates them, but no matter what book he's reading, his narratives are all apocalyptic: "OH NO! OH NOOOO! Uh Oh! Uh Oh! BOOM! Ees fall down! OH NO!" 

Then there are things that I don't love hearing. He's grabbed his stomach a couple times in the last day or two and said "Tummy. Ouch!" - nothing like that to send my mother's mind to dreams of the emergency room for our second appendicitis in eight months. 

I didn't love it yesterday when I was snuggled on my bed talking to my mother on the phone as Jake played alone and contentedly in the living room for the first time all day, and he came in with big eyes pointing back to his play area and said, "Uh Oh poopie."

No. Can't say I love that one. 

Especially when I go to find the "Tummy. Ouch" prophecy fulfilled in a green pool on my floor.

And on that not-at-all-disgusting note, I will leave you with nary a picture because that takes entirely too much energy, and a picture would expose just how exquisitely beautiful the weather is here, and I couldn't do that to you all.

Bye for now. I'm off to eat my weight in cuties and watch Call the Midwife. You should too.


  1. Better than eating your weight in ice cream. :) This makes me so excited to have a little boy.

  2. Spicy Juice. your kid could be a writer.

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