Sick Day

12 December 2012

Life recently has been a flurry of activities that have enticed me away from the old blog. Family in town. End of semester stuff. Now I have a stack of papers to grade that is taunting me right back into blogging. Lucky. You.

Jacob's sister was in town last week, and she was toting our goddaughter, Emma.


Now that she's gone, every morning Jake wakes up saying "uhmma? shh. shh." We let him out of his crib to go look for "Uhmma" and he comes back with his toy hammer. It's all very twisted.

Today, Jake is sick. It was supposed to be a grading day. He was going to my friend's house, and I was going to have a glorious toddler-free afternoon of productivity, but instead I spent the day holding a sniveling 18 month old with the most pitiful little cough. We watched Diego and The Aristocats. (I'm a firm believer in letting sick kids watch TV. I think it's healthy. ) He used to last about five minutes in front of the TV before the greener pastures of mayhem enticed him away, but he's begun to learn the couch potato art.

Jake couch

He's a natural. And the kitchen will be cleaner for it.
I let him eat three bananas because he asked nicely - "Nana! Mo?! Peez?" - even though we usually try to keep the quotidian intake to two. He threw several fits because I wouldn't let him turn the TV ("butt" - ??) on and off over and over again. We went to Trader Joe's and Jake said "hi" to - approximately - no one, and refused the stickers the check-out employee offered him. Little charmer.

I let him take a super long bath while I sat on the floor, sifted through blogs on my phone, and drank box wine. No pooping in the bath. Thankfully. After he went to bed, I did manage to fold some laundry while watching mediocre television.


Oh look, there's candid me with my pixelated nostrils, trendy watch, and coffee, wishing you were here.

I suppose I will dive into grading tomorrow.

Jacob had another infamous birthday on Friday 12/7. I probably should have some tribute post. But, instead, here is a picture:


Honey, I love you. I hope you're reading this on your new iPad Mini and thinking about how royally spoiled you are and about how you should refill my wine glass. But seriously, I love you. And can you go deal with the fact that it's raining and I don't want our kitchen to be a lake in the morning? But seriously...


  1. From what I heard of the trip, Emma loved being with cousin Jake. :) And I think Aunt Kathleen loved being there too.

    1. P.S. This is my first comment, but I've been reading your blog for a while. Mucho enjoy it.

  2. Logged into my Reader and did a "yessssssss" when I saw a Rhodes post.

    Poor Jake-boy, the sicks are the worst. Jordan won't even last through a Blue's Clues ep yet, her attention span is this-big. So when she's sick - like right now - we get the knee clings over here. I hope he gets better soooon.

    Happy birthday to Jacob. I don't know, I think for his birthday you SHOULD get a wine glass refill.

    ps thanks for the shout-out :)

    1. Oh and Jake is going in for a SERIOUS smooch in that third photo. Kissing cousins much?

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