Pick Up Ball

23 August 2012

Jake wasn't racking up any points in the independent play department today, so I went off in search of something "new" for him to play with. At this point in time, my husband and I have managed to maintain our elitism about what "kinds" of "toys" our child plays with. Our house is not overrun with plastic monstrosities. How have we achieved this brilliant feat??

Short answer: We only have one kid, and he's only had one Christmas.

Longer answer: Who needs toys when you've got a crafty genius like me for a mother? All of you lucky readers get to read about how today, I donned my DIY hat and rigged us up a basketball hoop.



 Supplies: Cardboard Box and Belt

Instructions: Tie it onto something.

And then have yourself (in the pretty-much-only words of my son) a "ball ball ball."

Based on my experience today, the game will quickly devolve after you bring out the camera.


So...fair warning.

Happy Balling.


  1. love it. you are a mom genius Kate!

    Don't tell the grands but most plastic gets recycled around here because the kids truly prefer things that can break - and Sebastian likes bras.

  2. I LOOOOOVE how there's a PIN IT button under your picture. Please move to Wichita (or at least texas, fine) so we can be moms together (one day---that day is not here yet)
    Also, start working on Grace. I need them to move back here too.

  3. That's awesome! Stick to your guns on the toys. Less is more. And soon enough, you will be overrun with lovely things called Legos. Loved by boys, hated by Moms.

  4. Obviously, using the word three times gives it a completely different meaning that coherently defines the contraption.

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