7 Quick Takes

01 June 2012

- 1 -

Granddaddy Rhodes died on Wednesday. The illness came on suddenly, but it wasn't really a surprise. We thankfully had a bit of a goodbye with him over Christmas when we visited. He kept bees like Jacob; he had multiple hives going till the day he died and even had an observation hive in his house. The Mennonites don't do pictures, so I don't have one of him. But in tribute, I'll post this one of Jacob and his bros from when they lived in the community in 2002.

 Jacob and brother John were able to catch a redeye to Kentucky on Wednesday night. So papa is in good ole KY, and Jake and I are home alone.

- 2 -

Even though tragedy should make me chock full of grace and understanding, four days of single motherhood has me feeling pretty sorry for myself. Especially since we have teething pains to pepper sleepless nights and since Jake's mild anemia is calling for lots of iron rich foods on the north end and making the south end a sh** show...literally.

- 3 -

Last night while watching TV I managed to spill beer on the couch and found myself mopping it up with an obliging prefold that was lying on the coffee table. Just another reason to cloth diaper.

- 4 -

Drinking beer alone not classy? Well I opened a bottle of wine that was utterly undrinkable and instead of waking baby and packing us off to Trader Joe's for a new one I opted to have beer instead. But you're right. I probably should've had scotch.

- 5 -

Jake despite his weathered 11.97 months status is showing no interest in walking. But he is showing lots of interest in the feet of our patio chairs (which currently live upside down and serve as a baby barricade) and the laundry basket.

- 6 -

And he'll even play with real toys sometimes. Like this morning I found him looking at a book.

And in the bath he has a grand time with his rubber duckies which I have affectionately named

Mama Duck           &           Papa Duck

- 7 -

If you feel like reading something more meaningful then you should visit Lizzy for the sweetest little love story with all its adorable college awkwardness. Or go see Jen for more quick takes.

1 comment :

  1. Amazing how the full circle of life rears its head in the Rhodes family this week.

    Been praying for Papa Rhodes with Miranda this week. May his soul be granted eternal peace.

    And for little Jake on his 1st birthday. That the love outpoured to him by his parents be filled with patience and joy as he grows into the little nugget he is meant to be (teething, walking, reading and all).

    And for his mother, that she be sustained as she empties herself in service to her husband and child. That authenticity may rule over elegance (and beer over wine!).

    So be it; truly.

    a dear friend of MJP


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