Jacob's Mistress

11 April 2012

Yes. Here I am, a single mother, a victim to that great widow maker, for I've lost me husband to the sea. 

Well actually Uncle Johnny bought the nameless sailboat for _00$ dollars. Now the boys spend every free minute taking it apart and putting it all back together again while Jake and I sit listlessly at home watching the bees and staring at my class ticker.


Once my sailor takes me to Catalina for the weekend and I'm sunning on the deck with my Prosecco icing in a bucket next to me, all will be forgiven, but until then I will inscribe bitter diatribes on this log against boat X and we will remember this episode of WIFE&CHILD vs. VESSEL none too fondly.

Now that they have successfully rid the thing of its former owner's crack paraphernalia, I give you some unflattering pictures of the barge which I reproduce without permission from either of the Rhodes Bros.

Bon Voyage, my pretties!


  1. haha! i remember tim's boat owning days. he spent hours fixing that thing up and then got so much pleasure out of taking it out on the lake. then, after a year or so he sold it. funny phase. looks like their's is a sailboat. i love the idea of going sailing! maybe once its fixed up tim and i will make a trip to LA and you all can take us sailing. :)


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