Conversations with a 10 Month Old

29 April 2012

Right now Jake and I have two recurring conversations. They go about like this:

In other news.

We harvested some of our purple potatoes. So we have enough breakfast...

I'm instagraming all the time.

And Jake - despite appearances - is still working hard on his eyebrows.

Happy Sunday!


  1. hahaha for some reason the eyebrow thing really made me laugh. he is an absolutely adorable bald baby though! so take your time Jake.

  2. That's right baby, if it takes as long as it's taken your dada, you'll still be the cutest mirror sucker in town. Muah. Kate: your humor..have you ever been called sardonic?? Your tone in this log is top shelf, my dear. Think about that book, much? xoxo mir


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