The Jake Cub is one week old!!

10 June 2011

Today the Cub is one week old. Yesterday I realized I wouldn't be counting his age in days anymore and got teary. Yes. I know. 
His one week birthday has certainly been eventful.
Let's see...
Jake took a bath.
I swept the floor all by myself, and then I had to take a nap. 
Papa Jacob went to work on a set in Malibu. His first day working since the Cub came along. He called at lunch time to check in. 
I got to speak with my grandmother (Nono not Nana), and she made me feel better about the fact that all I do is sit on the couch with my infant while my mother waits on me hand and foot...she made me feel quite good about it actually, downright entitled :D
Right now I'm curled up on the couch with some carrot cake (courtesy of our sweet friend Wendy) while rocking the sleeping Cub on my lap. He was sleeping in his bassinet up until a few minutes ago when he started suffering from a serious case of motion deprivation.

Such is the vita. The days trickle on blissfully.


  1. Just wait until you stop counting their age in months!
    Happy One Week Jake!

  2. I saw this post earlier and had had had to make carrot cake (my FAVE)....and now I can't stop eating..isn't it the best?

    Little Jake is SO adorable...congrats again!!!

  3. Thanks you two!
    Grace-I'm glad my blogging is so inspirational!!

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