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15 October 2019

I'm gimped up today because I was trying to be a fun mom outside yesterday and pulled? tore? my hip flexor. Lesson learned. No more fun momming. Only boring momming from here on out.

But this is good, I'm telling myself because it's forcing me to really slow down. Like to a hobble. And if there's one thing that's become increasingly clear to me in my thirties: we are bad at slowing down.

This has served us well in some right because I really like what we've done. But between businesses and babies. We tired.

Jacob is juggling all the things and building our third AirB&B cabin.
We're really enjoying this business (you can catch our listings HERE and HERE) which is good. When we started we knew we were excited to build stilted cabins, but we didn't know how we would feel about running a hospitality business. Turns out making money helping people relax and then reading reviews about how much they love what you've built is pretty awesome. So...come visit us!

People ask if Jacob builds the cabins himself, and the short answer is: yes. He can do all the things and it is amazing to me, but whenever I gush about it I think of this Portlandia skit, and then I feel ridiculous. We try to hire subs as much as possible to make things go more quickly, but he pretty much does it all himself. So dreamy.

So Jacob's average day might look like chainsawing in a tree, then taking a work call up in a tree, then texting his wife about the four Cara Caras flying around, then texting his wife again asking if she's picked the tile for the cabin bathroom, then heading in for school pick-ups, then stopping by his brother's new juice bar in town to help install some shelves, then coming home to help navigate babies while we get dinner on.

My days are equally hustley except they look a lot more domestic. I'm doing my darndest to soak up the baby, smell the proverbial roses, and fish the literal paper out of her mouth.

Because (SURPRISE!) we had a baby! It's a nine month old!

Basil Gracie is everywhere and into everything and delights us all the time. She's taking after her parents and doing all the things at once. Last week she had a bad cold, cut her first tooth, and started sleeping through the night. She's been crawling and pulling to standing for a few months now, so she's setting family records. She claps and is also doing this strange thigh-hitting thing which I think is her version of a wave.

She saves her biggest grins for her siblings, and we're all sappy in love with her.

Roman especially loves her which is good because man has that boy been a stinker recently.

He turned four and immediately started behaving like a three year old. I think the parenting experts call it "pushing limits."  I tell him to come and he sprints the other way. I pick him up and he'll try to headbutt me. And his eyes get wild with dangerous excitement whenever he gets a chance to disobey. He's also been sassy. The other day he called me "dumb" and then insisted that he wasn't name-calling because he'd actually said "jumb."  (-_-)

So Romie is Wreck-it-Ralphing limits right now with a side of teenage girl thrown in.

But then he'll do the sweetest thing that has ever been done in the world. Like ask me to button up his shirts so his "heart won't get cold." Or tell me he wants to spend the last five minutes before bed time hugging Basil.

Then I just want to snuggle right into his rock solid smooshy little boy body.

And so I hit publish for the first time in over a year on these little bits of nothing. Enjoy the flowers before the frost!

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  1. I don't want you to be injured, but if injury gets you to writing regularly, then I'll allow it. Good to hear from you :)


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