Moved to the Country

20 June 2017

So we've moved to the country.

The Texas Hill Country to be specific.

We moved into the house that I grew up in. We'll buy ten acres from my parents and ultimately build on them, until then we'll live in my parents' old house and they'll shift to my grandmother's next door.

It's been a big transition. We still have one foot in Houston as Jacob gets our house ready to list there. Getting settled into my parents' old house has been a monster of a task. We're slowly moving in and they're slowly moving out. Most of our furniture is staging the house in Houston. So we have these expansive empty living spaces. My parents took their cat with them. She left behind a bunch of fleas which have been breakfasting on us for awhile. You should totally come visit!

We're still running Jacob's business in Houston, but dreaming about what we might start here.

Jake turned six less than a week after we moved. His last day as a five year old he spiked a little fever while we were at dinner and fell asleep in Jacob's arms.
The next day he was no longer five and was feeling fine so he built himself a Peter Pan out of duplos and I pulled out all the cake decorating stops:

Jacob and I turned eight a few days after that. We celebrated our anniversary at a fancy pants restaurant in town and Jacob struck up a conversation with a Swiss couple next to us and we talked with them for an hour and a half. It was dreamy. And we took no pictures.

When we told Lucy June about our anniversary she looked us like we were crazy and said: "I didn't even know you guys were married!"
The kids aren't used to the country. I'm teaching them about bull nettle and carpenter ants and scorpions and snakes. We have a little armadillo living in the front yard. They chase it. They complain about bugs and sweat and just want to swim in my parents' pool all the time. But they'll come around. 

I've done my best to put in some semblance of a garden even though it's super late to be starting anything. So we'll see how my eight baby okra plants handle July.

I try to convince myself that we've done it. That we've made the move. But I still feel like we're floating. Hovering over a life we're about to start. And watching lots of sunsets and fireflies.


  1. beautiful property you have Kate!

  2. Oh my gosh Kate!! Congrats on the move! We just moved in next door to my parents. All the cool kids are doing it, I say...

  3. An hour and half!! Ha! Ps you DID do it

  4. LUCY!! Hahahahaha, definitely my favorite part of your post.

  5. This is delightful :) So glad you're home.

  6. Hooray for the move. Here's to a quick flea extermination and lots of fun days!


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