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09 January 2017

Hello hello!

How about another doomed effort to wake the blog back up, eh? 

December was tough because I had bronchitis that deteriorated into a walking pneumonia and one particularly unforgiving coughing fit broke one of my ribs(?). So...we were lacking a little holly jolly in the festive department for most of the month. 

But before all that happened I managed to get some family photos taken by a super talented and sweet friend. The photoshoot was laughably difficult. Roman was unhappy unless we were letting him dig with a measuring spoon. Lucy June got wise to her power pretty quickly and stayed in tantrumville for most of the shoot. I was just praying for one - just please one - passable photo. Then when we got them back I was delighted.  
If you look closely you can read the hidden stories. (Mother who's been smiling too long has death grip on three year old while tickling her.) 

Or not so hidden stories...
Nothing like a magical photographer to make lemonade from your lemons. Or maybe a nice ginger lemon cocktail.


We are still deep into our house renovation. We redid the interior of the house last year and have recently begun adding some extra square footage and a master bathroom. We're basically turning a tiny 2/1 into a not quite so small 3/2. We'll probably finish everything up by late spring...which is precisely when we will move again. Because that is how we do. 
Adding on has been lots more fun than the original remodel work because it's all been outside. When your husband has to routinely decommission your kitchen or your only bathroom to work on the sewer line it starts getting old fast.

Of course we did have to hack into a couple walls. So my brother-in-law's room currently looks like this: 
He's a trooper. And he sleeps in the living room.

Back when Jacob and I lived in Los Angeles we would talk about renovating houses and got into the game a little over two years ago after moving to Houston. It's strange to say it, but I think that means that we're "living a dream." And not surprisingly that dream comes with layers of frustration and exhaustion, financial stress and decision fatigue, holey walls ands construction dust. I even find myself longing for some apartment living again. #grassisgreener #etcetc  
I'm getting my legs under me as a mother of that the baby is 16 months old. I know this because I've started some kitchen fermentation again. We're starting light with carrot sticks and some kefir water. I should have my first batch of soda done by the end of this week. I have a friend coming over tomorrow who's a sourdough queen, so it should be a nice brunch/inquisition. I still don't get dressed everyday, but there's nothing like some controlled spoilage on the counter to make me feel like a functioning human.

Bye for now!


  1. Love that you gave an update! Way to survive 3 kids! It's no joke! Now that my big 3 are 10,8, &6, it's hard to believe I managed to get dressed ever when those guys were all little! Xoxo

  2. Not a doomed effort! First the sauerkraut, then the blog, then the world!! :) Love the beautiful photos and your beautiful words.

  3. Sigh...I love you so much. I have felt totally out of control and overwhelmed in my life, and today had a flicker of hope and control when I created a cleaning chart for each I'm with on fermentation. I'm also soaking pastured chicken bones for broth right now, so I'm basically just killing it so far this week ;) Your photos are so gorgeous. xo

  4. Ok, yes, I laughed so much when you gauged your together-ness by whether you were able to ferment or not! Haha, that is so me. I completely fell off my sourdough wagon for the first 8-9 months of Baby 3's life, and I've pretty much muscled myself back into it because it really is worth it taste/health-wise. Also, I decided we were eating so much yogurt at the end of summer that I added that to my fermentation rotation and came right to your post to start! It was super helpful. So thanks! And ditto-- I may only shower 3 x/week but I make a mean loaf of sourdough! ;)

  5. Always so glad to see you back!! I just learned how to make kombucha and am on batch number 4 so far - loving it!

  6. oh I am absolutely going to start saying "controlled spoilage on the counter." hahahahh!!


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