Some Jake Talk

01 April 2015

Today I'm giving you a break from nauseatalk and instead we're gonna talk Jake.

Jake is a pretty awesome kid; he's also very challenging. His favorite games to play with people all involve things like roaring in people's faces and sitting on people's heads, so you can imagine how smoothly life goes now that he has a prissy sister hanging around all the time. They do like interacting with each other, but I'm nervous Lucy June is going to develop a major victim complex because she's pretty much always a victim.

Except she DID get mad and pull his ear today. I burst out laughing.
The other day I couldn't find Lucy June for a terrifying 45 seconds, but it turns out Jake had locked her in his closet while he went to the bathroom so she would still play with him when he got back. So sweet. So wrong. So Jake.

As we park the car for a playdate at a friend's house:
Jake: (takes a deep breath in) Dis time, I'm NOT gonna hit Thomas in the head with a hammer. 


Jake is spastically dancing in the hardware store, and I'm trying to practice some enlightened parenting and bring some self-awareness to his behavior.
Me: Jake, do you see anyone running crazy in Lowes?
Jake: Yes! Me!


Upon my asking what happened to one of the wise men in his play nativity set.
Jake: Umm. I think he turned into a cow.  


At the end of nightly prayers:
Jake: ...And God bless Uncle John and Uncle Michael and God bless Grandpa Keith and God bless taxi vans. (pauses for a couple seconds) I LOVE taxi vans.


After he'd been working in his preschool book:
Jake: I made an R like in Bunny. And a Q like in Cucumber.


After having drawn only one ladybug in his workbook, when he was supposed to have drawn five.
Me: Where are your other ladybugs?
Jake: (shaking his head. clicking his tongue.) They died.


Gosh. If I don't love him to the moon.
And he loves me back.
Or something...


  1. He is so funny! My firstborn overpowered my delicate lily of a second child for a while, but she grew a SERIOUS backbone and doesn't let him get away with anything now!

  2. What a sweetheart! It should totally be spelled "qucumber" anyways.

  3. That's DARLING. I especially love the dead ladybugs :-D

  4. That's DARLING. I especially love the dead ladybugs :-D

  5. I laughed out loud at the taxi vans one! So adorable.

  6. He is so funny and handsome - deadly combination :)

  7. Man--he is a trickster! I guess you've named him well :)

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