All About the Kiddos

18 August 2014

I've decided to bang out some updates on the kiddos because I'm feeling like doing something fresh and new.

Lucy June is now crawling and pulling herself to standing and cruising.

She signs "more". . . only in regards to food. . . and she has yet to sign "all done." #porker

She is by no means "talking," but she has a word, and it's "ddjah" for...Jake. She's been making that sound for him since she was like seven months old, but I wasn't sure until recently it was legit. But it's legit. Perhaps she's linguistically advanced. Or perhaps she's just that obsessed with her brother. She has recently started saying "Mama," so I guess that makes me a...not very close second.

We've started sleep training her. We do it the wimpy way. The stay in the room and soothe and soothe and hope that baby will eventually fall asleep in her crib and isn't just developing entirely new sleep crutches. So far. . . pretty good. I'll confess that over the last ten months of her life, she has rarely slept for longer than an hour without the body of her mother next to her. This makes cosleeping not so terrible: she's a good little snuggler, but it does mean that I've been nursing her back to sleep three times in between when she goes to bed around 8 and I go to bed around 11. Which also hasn't been SO SO bad because...hello smart phone and social media addiction.

Since we started a little training she has begun sleeping through the. . . evening. Good on us. And around 1am I bring her into our bed because I have no nocturnal self-discipline. Someday someday she will sleep through the night, but until then I'm choosing to look on the bright child-spacing side.

Ok. I'll be done now with the whole baby sleep schedule part.

She has developed a persistent affection pong balls.

The story of why we have so many beer pong balls in the house is long and not very incriminating, so probably not worth sharing. But my, does Lucy June love them.

Double fisting.

And Jake.

He's three, so I guess we're in the whole "how independent are you?" phase. He wants to do everything BY! MYSELF! And parenting him is pretty much a circle of letting him try to do things himself and then dealing with the mess or not letting him do things himself and dealing with his freak outs. Jacob and I consistently differ on what we think is OK for Jake to try to do by himself. I'm cool with him trying to put jam on his own toast; Jacob is not. Jacob is cool with letting him do flips on the couch; I am. . . too, if I leave the room.

He's mostly potty trained, but has the occasional accident. He wet his pants the other day, and when I asked if he'd peed a little on his shorts, he said condescendingly, "Yeah. It's OK." I half expected him to pat my knee or something.

He loves playing with Legos, well, Mega Bloks. His favorite things to build are rockets, planes, and. . . stairs.

He spent this afternoon playing a make believe game in which he gave names to Jacob, Lucy June, and me. They were Clank, Flank, and Skank.


And he was Joe.


  1. That sleep training schedule is sounding all too familiar right now...we're also in the "wimpy way" club! But we've been doing it all week and so far so good. First time in 14 months we've had more than 3+ hours of consecutive sleep.

  2. ok yes I love your children but the blog is looking goooooood!!

  3. Oh my - Clank, Flank, Skank, and Joe - I can hardly get over how terrific that is. You and Jake have made my day.

  4. Jake's nonchalance over peeing his pants is very admirable, I must say. Love the new blog-look! Looks fresh to death.

  5. Yeah srsly, the blog update! So good.

    Jordan pees (and occasionally poops :/ ) her pants and similarly says "no it's ok though!" with much enthusiasm and hope that is actually is ok.

    Wow Lucy June- already talking?! She's out of Weston's league for sure. I've been trying to teach him to wave bye for a solid four months and have blank vacant stares to show for it.

  6. I love your kid updates because my kids are just a few months behind yours, I believe. My kids are both still sleeping in bed with us all night so I appreciated the "no nocturnal discipline" sentiment as that is me EXACTLY. Neeeed sleep. However, I am starting to think that maybe a few weeks of misery (i.e. moving the 3-year-old to her own room/bed & reclaiming the crib for the baby) miiiight be worth it for some personal space at night. I dunno though...

  7. Look at you with your fancy new layout and cute kids. Good luck with the sleep training–you stuck it out much longer than I did! Co-sleeping just does not work for me, at least not after the first couple of crazy months.

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