7 Quick Takes: Mostly Pregnancy Ramblings

20 September 2013

- 1 -
I am 35 weeks along as of Tuesday. And feeling very pregnant. I've started making all the weird grunting sounds whenever I stand up or swing my legs into the car or...move...and Jake has started imitating me. He's much cuter when he does it. I'm having boatloads of Braxton Hicks contractions which don't really bother me, but they weird me out a little because in my first pregnancy I only remember getting them while working out. The thermostat gets cranked further down every week that I'm more pregnant, even though other bloggers are talking about something called fall.

- 2 -
So far, our plan is still the same. Jakeboy and I will move in with my parents at the beginning of October and begin the long wait for the newest Rhodes from the comfort of my childhood home. My folks live about four hours away, so we won't be seeing too much of Jacob in that time. And we haven't figured out how we'll do the whole make-sure-hubby-makes-it-to-the-birth thing. When I went into labor with Jake, I knew immediately. There was no doubt in my mind that this was labor. It took about twelve hours for that labor to get intense, but I was positive it was the real thing. But I hear that sometimes it's harder to tell the second time around, and the stakes are higher this time since I'd like baby's father to be there...Thoughts from my multiparous readers?

- 3 -
Nesting is a very strange phenomenon. When Jake was born we were in the process of moving, so my nesting instincts were all channeled toward finding a nest, any nest, before baby came. This time we're pretty settled in a little two bedroom apartment that promises to be home only until we can get our ducks in enough rows to buy a house (by the summer? knock on wood) so I'm not at all inspired to make the apartment beautiful. This sends my nesting traffic into weird and seemingly unproductive places, like organizing my craft supplies. Much needed grocery-runs take every ounce of motivation but color-coding my embroidery floss? Please mcpretty please.

- 4 -
All I think about are donuts. I'm also about five pounds heavier now than I was when I delivered Jake even though baby girl is measuring a little small...so...yeah...restraint be mine.

Last pregnancy all I thought about were oranges.

- 5 -
I can't bring myself to crack any of my pregnancy books this go round. Last time I was pretty gungho about having an unmedicated birth. I read all about natural labor and delivery and topped every night off with a couple zen birth stories from the land of Ina May. I know this is my second time, so it's not too surprising that I haven't been as obsessed with childbirth, but I was definitely "in the zone" last time and this time I'm like...what's transition again?

- 6 -
Also, my friend Anne has updated her blog with more details on her situation. I got to see her a few days ago and she looks extremely well and baby is staying put which is awesome. She's in the hospital till she's at least 24 weeks along which is TOMORROW. Every day is a huge victory for that family, and so if your feeling clickish, go offer your prayers and encouragement and


invite her to your blog.

- 7 -
And the rambling ends here. Back to eating my weight in watermelon and caprese salads (because as far as I can tell it's still summer) and trying to forget about the Shipley's Donut Shop camped at the end of my street.

And a family photo courtesy of Picasa and our Apple Devices.


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  1. You look so pretty! I love that shirt.

  2. I was downing the cream puffs. So so odd and same thing regarding the nesting. I knew we'd be moving within a few months after the babe arrived so I had no real inclination to do anything big.

  3. As far as labor goes, I'd just say don't count on it to be at all like the first time. My two labors couldn't have been more different and, because of that, I was in denial for a while the second time thinking that couldn't be it.

  4. Just pray that your guardian angel keeps your hubby's guardian angel in the loop about when he needs to show up. Hopefully the second labor won't be too fast. And you look so pretty. Now I want a donut, and I already ate 2 today!!

  5. Great pictures!
    Am betting once you are settled at your parents and focused on the coming baby you'll be ready to do some reading/labor prep.

  6. Not to be an enabler or anything, but I'm kind of a donut fiend myself (not pregnant!). Get yourself to Le Donut on Almeda.....mom/pop shop that knocks shipley's out of the water. The old-fashioned cake donuts are the absolute best. You're welcome :).

  7. Not to be an enabler or anything, but I'm kind of a donut fiend myself (not pregnant!). Get yourself to Le Donut on Almeda.....mom/pop shop that knocks shipley's out of the water. The old-fashioned cake donuts are the absolute best. You're welcome :).

  8. I don't have much to offer by way of "signals" - all 4 of mine had to be induced since I've never actually gone into labor. The last 3 were all natural births - so I can help you there... My last 3 labors were much shorts than the first one, which is common in multiple pregnancies, but not necessarily always the case. I think you're just going to have to wing it with him, and make sure he's packed and ready to leave at a moment's notice (just like you having a bag packed for the hospital!!). That, and reminding all of us as you get closer to your due date that we pray for unmistakable signs so Jacob has plenty of time to make the trek.


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