Big Boy Bed and Belly Pics

18 June 2013

In the wake of a love story that went viral thanks to Grace, I welcome all you new readers and apologize that we are now returning to the regular programming of not that much of interest is going on around here.

So we'll talk about baby sleep habits. Huzzah! Babies who don't sleep! Empathy train!

If you've read this blog for awhile you know that it took us a long time to get Jake to sleep through the night. I think living in a one bedroom apartment hurt our sleep training efforts, and "sleeping through the night" at its best (from 13-20 months) looked like sleeping till 5:30 and kicking around in our bed until 6:30 at which point we'd kick him out of bed and he'd reek havoc on the living room until one of us finally dragged ourselves out of bed and started tending to him. And that blessed routine would get royally screwed up by ANYthing: travel or teeth or whatever. Then we would coddle the night-waker a couple times and then the night wakings would increase and we'd find ourselves back in hard core sleep training mode...again. At least for the past few months he'd been sleeping till 7, and we were patting ourselves on the back until last week.  

We're kind of textbook parents so you should probably be taking notes.

Jake learned how to climb out of his crib months ago. This was a crib Jacob basically built, so we just dropped the mattress to avoid any further thumps in the middle of the night. Then we had to drop it again. And again. And again. At which point it couldn't get any lower without the mattress being lower than the bars. And last week the inevitable happened: our little climber conquered crib Everest and nighttime and nap time rituals flew out the window to the tune of miserable toddler and more miserable parents.

Yesterday after putting him back in his crib eight times at naptime, he was finally quiet. I peeked in and found him like this:


I was torn between congratulating myself and feeling completely guilty.

So apparently we're late to the toddler bed train. I had NO intention of transitioning Jake to a toddler bed before the move, but circumstances have slapped us in the face - they have a way of doing that - and this morning we finally bit.


Jake is much more excited about his "bid boy bed" than I am.


With my luck he will force me to potty train him the same week his little sister is born because I'm not interested in cracking that pandora's box until baby girl is like four months old.


I have to go be a mother now because Jake is tired of playing "fetch the bobby pin."

But I will leave you with some preg pics because I'm on the ball and thought you guys needed some 22 week photos:

baby 2 week 22  
And I will FLAP this even if I'm two days late because that was my church outfit on Sunday, or it was until my shoes broke. Classy classy classy like always.


  1. shiiiiiiiiiiiit. I need to get Julia in a bed. Just know that however behind you feel (and you're not!) I'm years behind you.

    and looking bomb - like always. you make me miss my bump -- and then someone cries.

  2. Our "big boy bed" is only used for "jumping jumping jumping" and "turn light on" and never has been used for sleeping but for one brief nap once. Sleep training - never happened in our house so don't worry about "almost had it then teething.." thoughts. Teething is a cruel cruel trick and evil.

  3. Tell Jake we say congrats on the big boy bed and nice job on the photobomb.

  4. "he'd reek havoc on the living room until one of us finally dragged ourselves out of bed and started tending to him"
    SO glad you said this. I feel much less child-neglect-ish now. I wake up to "Mommy wake UP!" repeated over and over and over and over and...

  5. The crib that turns into a toddler bed is awesome. I would so go for that if we didn't already have free hand-me-downs. Also, cute bump. The more bump pictures I see, the readier I am for #2. Like Grace said...then someone cries. :)

  6. You look amazing, absolutely stunning.

  7. When my oldest was 14 months he tried to climb out of the crib and fell. And then refused to EVER get back in the crib. So we were forced to the "big boy bed" WAY earlier than I planned. Fast forward 7 months later to one of two parents sleeping with said toddler every night until he would fall asleep. Baby #2 was on his way and some serious sleep training began. Chalk it up to rookie parenting. We didn't make the same mistake twice!! He'll figure out the bed. And all mine routinely fell asleep in the floor, in closets, across chairs, etc. As long as they would stay in their room, I stopped worrying about that. Nap time/bed time is for the parents, not the kids (my favorite John Rosemond quote!). And you look stunning!!


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