Tuesday's Words

22 January 2013

I'm constantly in admiration of people who post regularly on their blogs. I often tell myself that I would post more regularly if I had the time, but right now, I DO have the time. Jake is taking an extra long nap, my classes are planned for the week, my kitchen is clean...and yet I'm sitting here feeling like I have nothing to say. So here goes nothing.

We had a really lovely weekend. Jacob was home most of the time and I didn't have to do any tutoring (I remembered this after I'd already driven to Santa Monica...so yay for keeping my Gcalendar straight and saving gas.) We had some friends over for brunch on the patio on Sunday because the weather was lovely and breakfast casseroles are the best things in life. Jacob harvested honey yesterday. 

I went to a playgroup this morning for the second week in a row - I'm terrible at committing to things like this. I'm SO the mother that goes once, feels awkward, and then ignores the e-mail chain until they remove me. But today was a landmark day because I went for the SECOND time. And I felt awkward. And I probably will stop going.

I do really like to see how my toddler sizes up to other toddlers at these playgroups. Not in any competitive way - only because I don't have a good sense of what is Toddler Behavior and what is Jake Behavior. So when one toddler clings to his mother's pant leg, I realize maybe not every toddler runs for the exits as soon as you put him down or is obsessed with shoes or says "Happy Birthday Basketball" all day long.

I like having this perspective. Because I find myself thinking that Jake is totally normal and perhaps he's completely weird. And if he's weird, I want to know it because I don't want to be THAT mom, you know the one. Like the mom in About a Boy. The one who thinks her kid is awesome when he's actually...strange. There's nothing wrong with strange children - I prefer them -  I just want to know if my child is the strange one. He will be the one with the lunch of kale chips and quinoa bars, so that will be a strike against him.

I was talking with my sister on the phone today about my son's obsession with basketball, and she made me realize that I would probably spend my stent parenting very similarly to the way I spent my childhood. That is, following blond people to sporting events. I'd like to believe it wasn't true...


I mean...I'm sure he would really rather be playing an instrument or something. Yeah. Most definitely.


  1. you should blog more because you always make me smile! Oh and if your kid is weird then mine is too. Maggie never sang Happy Birthday to a ball, but she was very much so obsessed with "hut ball" for a year. Eric was so proud. When he said "down, set" she would reply "hut!"

  2. The way he says "bas-toe-ball"...oh my gosh. He is just to die for.

  3. hahaha... I'm with you on all things awkward//strange//awesome. the other day, my mom told me (referring to my in-utero child): "I hope she's really girly!" I replied, "yes, I suppose that would be nice? I just think she's probably going to be a little strange and nerdy, like I was. (Am)." No response.

  4. My oldest sone was obsessed with basketball also, from the same age. We had a "toddler" hoop in the back porch and he could nail that thing basically from anywhere on the porch without even trying. The obsession continued and he played basketball all the way through middle school. He still plays in a rec league, but when he started high school he discovered water polo. The great, all-consuming love of his life now. Still a ball and a net. Prepare yourself.

  5. Also, I feel incredibly awkward at all playgroups. They are just... awkward.

  6. ahaha play group is SUCH an awkward thing!

    xo em

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