24 September 2012

I've decided - as my lesson plan appears to be done for tomorrow and I'm moderately organized and my kitchen is clean and my baby is sleeping - to give you all a long overdue update on the offspring and all that he is up to because...well I hardly EVER talk about him and he does SO many things...it just seemed right.

Jake's words:
"bah" - Ball
"bah bah" - Papa
"bah bye duh"- Bye
 "mmmama" - Mama
"hiiiiiiiey" - Hi
"da da" - Bathtime
"da da" - All done
"tchoo" - Shoe
"go" - Go
"go go"  - anything that moves when you push it
"na na" - night night
"na na" - banana
"NO" (pause) "NO" - you said this the last time I was doing this thing

Jake has become royally obsessed with "tchoos"/shoes recently. He's been insisting on wearing a pair that is two sizes too big and adds some serious duck to his waddle.

Yesterday when he woke up from his nap he called for me, and I - being the stellar mother that I am - promptly checked on him five minutes later. But he'd found solace elsewhere.
Beyond eating shoes in his sleep, he likes to play with water on the porch while half-naked.


I'm interested to know how people parented before there were hoses.

Now you're updated. (But if you're not satisfied, you can go here to see how brilliant my baby is at playing Hide and Seek.)


  1. That hide and seek video had me lol-ing! I'm surprised how long it took him to get worried. But I love how convinced he was that he had thoroughly searched the interior of the closet every time.

  2. The shoes are hilarious! I love this stage - Will is starting to talk more as well :) though he is severely impaired in this development by his need to "beep" constantly instead :)

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