Jake's First Trick

28 February 2012

A couple weeks ago Jake had a play date with a 9 month old girl. I spent the play date trying to keep Jake from clawing the sweet little girl's face off while Angel-girl sat contentedly on the floor, occasionally looking up at her mother for help whenever Baby Jake Ramsay got too close. At one point her mother proudly demonstrated how her darling had learned to give Hi-Fives.

Since then at the Rhodes abode, mama here has been desperately trying to teach Jake how to wave hi. Is that so much to ask? Just a little wave? I'm glad to say I've been somewhat successful.

Papa Jacob on the other hand has set his sights a little higher for our youngster and has managed to coach the babe into a REAL trick.

For your viewing pleasure: (mind you, this was after ten minutes of me waving at Jake in the mirror with NO response)

Jake's First Trick from therhodeslog on Vimeo.


  1. whaaaaaaaaat?! That is super impressive. Wow!!

    And I fear porker Sebastian and adorable Jake are the same size.

    Diet time Mr. Sebastian.

    oh and on yesterday's post -- Simon is the SAME way and why we can't have cable nor can we have a TV turned on in a hotel room if we have to be anywhere in the next two hours --- GLUED.

  2. HiLARious! He will be doing all kinds of tricks in no time, I'm sure.

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