22 July 2011

Today we are missing 
 who came and left all too quickly last weekend.
Per our pediatrician appointment yesterday: the Cub is being very boyish and lagging in social development, but he is gaining weight with the best of them, topping the scales at 11 lbs 10 oz.
And we are sporting some of Uncle Adrian's hand-me-down overalls today:


Happy weekend!

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  1. ...which, "lagging in social development" is kind of a weird concept for someone so small anyway, no? All the things you read about baby development repeat over and over and over that "hey, but don't worry if your baby's not doing these things, because all babies develop at their own pace!" I always feel like Heidi's behind whenever I see Janel's son doing something new, but then like clockwork, BAM! one week later she's doing it too. She doesn't have object permanence yet, but I haven't been working on it with her. I'm not worried. She'll learn. Worrying about it doesn't do any good. I think that's probably going to be true for the next, oh, rest of your life as a parent. ;-)


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