Done, Done, and Done (get ready for some Facebook-pilfered photos!)

13 May 2011

I am so royally finished with school right now, I can hardly contain myself. 
I realize it has been a shamefully long time since I've blogged, but I've been rather busy, and I hope to be more regular now that school is over, and I'm off all summer.


Indeed...what have I done in the past month. I finished my master's degree which involved all kinds of exams and papers and presentations and. I finished teaching the two sections of my spring course (Intro to Poetry) and graded hundreds of pages of student work. I went to Texas for five days over Easter break where I had a lovely baby shower and got to see so many faces of people that I have treasured so much in my life. I got to chat with old friends and take evening walks with my mom, dad, and little sister every night. It was incomparably wonderful, and made me miss the Texas Hill Country even more than I do. 

Apparently the only iPhone worthy event of this weekend however was visiting Jacob's goat. 
She's the one I'm feeding. She's over a year old, but she's still little.
Jacob named his goat Beatrice. A name that I love. But Jacob named the goat Beatrice because he hates that name and figured we could avoid any daughters named Beatrice if we already had a nanny goat named Beatrice. Isn't he just the sweetest?

So what else of note in the last month...

I graduated. My parents came to watch. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, I LOVED seeing you!) I got all regalia-ed up and processed with my buddies and shook the president's hand. 

I had a (sort of) mother's day. I got a "mommy to be" card from my neighbor. Everyone in the pews around us in church prompted me to go up to receive the obligatory carnation. I was bashful about the whole thing, but I tried to be cool. TRIED. At the front (our dear sweet old Irish) priest asked for my due date. 
I said, "June 8th."
He smiled big and proceeded to announce to our entire (Beverly Hills) congregation in his lilting accent:
"This young lady's having a baby on my birthday!" 
Thank you, dear sweet old Irish priest. 

Neither Mark Wahlberg nor Joseph Fiennes nor Paris Hilton were in was perhaps my one day to outshine a celebrity, but alas...

On Mother's Day I conference called my mom with all my siblings to wish her a happy one. It was very fun. Robert:
was a little late to the tele-party, and he's the most punctual one. Scotty:
 was game
 as usual.

My older brother Jonathan:

Made lots of jokes. Mostly about my noble illusions to cloth diaper. 
Everyone thought this was very funny. 
Especially Lily:
 who laughed more than anyone.
 Don't look at me like that. It's true.

I had some of my grad-school 
 and their cohorts over for a cook-out last Sunday and had a blast. 

I still smell smokey. Perhaps this is because I have only washed my hair once since then. Pregnancy has thoroughly dried out this body o' mine, so I don't really think the coiffe needs much washing these days
...or maybe pregnancy has just kept me from looking in the mirror as often. Despite being 8 and 1/2 months pregnant I'm still surprised when I catch a glimpse of my round self. (ComingSoon: I have 8monthspregnant photos somewhere.)

Jacob's relatives sold the property we live on last week, and while they gave us 60 days we decided to leap straight into apartment-hunting, and thankfully we've already found a new place! Papers were signed yesterday, and we will probably make a slow process of the move over the next week or so.

Such is la vita of the famiglia Rhodes di Los Angeles. Jacob and John are shooting the end of a short film tonight, and I am prepping cloth diapers in a stockpot of boiling water...Jonathan.

Signing off with one (two? three?) final photo(s):
This is my youngest brother Robert in a photo with a bison. It struck me because it seems a bit like if I were in a photo with a watermelon.

Speaking of!

 It's all I think about these days.  Jacob cuts it up into cute chunks for me.
what a long-limbed-dearie he is.


  1. You're adorable! I love your writing style. (I think I say that every time I comment.) Congratulations on graduating! And good lord, post some preg pictures! ; )

  2. Boiling water: YES. Does your washer have a double-rinse? If so, bleach is worth it even though everybody says not to use it. At least, I haven't seen any adverse reactions since I capitulated to the stains, and it's worth it to me to know that the diapers are REALLY REALLY CLEAN.

    I'll tell you this, though: you may want to think about disposables for the first few weeks. Life with a new baby is enough of an adjustment without worrying about adding a whole bunch of laundry too. Plus newborn poop is really kinda lots grosser than regular baby poop. I used disposables for a whole month. Go you if you can jump into cloth, but I couldn't.

  3. Congratulations on your graduation! You have been so dedicated and focused for so long. I'm glad you get to take a break for the baby summer. Jacob and you really are summer folks.

    Do you still have a registry?


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