Raindrops, Vegetables, and Bellies

21 February 2011

I don't have much to report but in the interest of keeping this little blog from losing steam before it's even launched I've compiled some musings for the interested few.

Jacob is up on the roof fixing a leak. Our roof has been fixed twice in the last six months by "professionals," but the weekend rain proved too much for it yet again and our little bunkhouse was full of cliche pots and pans catching droplets.

But the rain didn't keep us from getting our green on. We get organic produce delivered weekly from our CSA.  I really like this; it feels extravagant since we are on such a tight budget otherwise, but I value supporting a family run farm in the valley, and I value being forced to eat vegetables. Jacob balks at the extravagance sometimes...especially if we ever let anything spoil. So I do my best to never let that happen. Typically we structure our meals around what the veggie fairy brings on Wednesdays, but sometimes we get distracted, and I end up having a day where my food intake looks a little like this:

Steamed broccoli with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice


Chard, garlic, onion...eventually a soup


Jugo de Spinach, Celery, Cilantro, Ginger, Orange

Don't worry, Mom, I had eggs for breakfast.
Don't worry, rest of the world, I'm currently making brownies.
Don't worry, Joanie, I don't make brownies very often ;)

For interested parties:

Letting it all pooch out for your pleasure
Happy Monday!


  1. you look beautiful pregnant Katie. :)

  2. Katie - you look great! I'm so excited for you & Jacob, and I can't wait to meet baby Rhodes!

  3. oh my god, you are massively more pregnant than when i saw you on thursday! how can this be?

  4. aww you are the cutest little pregnant mama...

  5. You look excellent; I hope pregnancy is treating you well, and if it isn't feel free to send me a message to gripe about it in solidarity! I would love to see recipes for some of the odd veggie ingredients (chard soup? how was it?)... I've been trying to eat way more veggies lately (since my diet before primarily consisted of fruit snacks, meat and grains... not a good combo). Sometimes a little luxury for a good cause and for health is a fine sacrifice while on a tight budget.

  6. o wow. all of that food looks so yummy...I am jealous/inspired!

    You look incredible!! My former pregnant/swollen self is very envious!!


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