21 March 2014

7QT: Weather, Coffee, Child-Rearing, Broken Records

- 1 -
The older child has been running me hard this week. The terrible twos have overall been pretty great, but I hope the business of this week isn't a harbinger of what the threes have in store. The worst moment was when I had to pop his balloon as a consequence for running away from me in the library parking lot. (He was running on the walkway next to the parking lot and not in the parking lot itself, but still...) I popped a little boy's balloon, and it was the saddest thing. We both cried. 

- 2 -
Weather here in Houston has been amazing. It's almost like...we're living in Los Angeles again.

But unlike Los Angeles, this weather won't last, and while Houston only has an excuse for a winter, it certainly has a grueling summer that will probably start sometime next week. So we will carpe our mild sunshine and picturesque evenings for the next five days or so.

- 3 -
I keep running into posts about laundry recently. Laundry is pretty close to my heart and, unlike cleaning the toilet or mopping, is actually something I enjoy. I grew up folding a lot of our family's laundry. I spent many an hour with Anne of Green Gables beside a mountain of towels, gym shorts, and T-shirts. My mother used to tell me how good I was at folding. I was pretty proud. Now of course she had major ulterior motives for that encouragement, but she was right. I am a badass folder. And it's a competency that will probably be more consistently valuable to me than my master's degree.

- 4 -
Speaking of master's degrees, I love staying home with my kids.

I'm nervous to say that out loud. I'm nervous that the joy I'm experiencing will magically pop as soon as I admit to the world that - at least for now - I'm more than happy to be home with my kids.

With a big fat caveat: WHEN THEY NAP.

The mornings are so full of hope, you know?? And then that afternoon nap strike makes the whole rest of the day a big poopstorm. (SO sorry about that word. It's just that I'd already used my colorful word for this post, and that was all I could think to swap it with. I'm a first time potty trainer, you'll remember...and it's amazing how much literal and metaphorical excrement I have to filter while blogging about our life. Shocking really.)

- 5 -
Someone's being too quiet, so I'm going to run see if today was a naptime win.

Oh, most definitely a win.

- 6 -
Lucy June is still the awesomest baby. I'm experiencing her babyhood so differently than Jake's. Every time I try to write a post about the difference I start crying.

But it boils down to this:

Jake's infancy = emotionally tough
Lucy June's infancy = sugar and spice.

Except that she's recently become uber attached to me. When she's cranky - so in the evenings when there are finally other arms that can hold her - she wants me and only me. I find it endearing, and I love it, and I want her to outgrow it immediately.

- 7 -
Next weekend Jacob goes from working half days on Sunday to not working on Sundays at all. An (almost) real weekend!! I'm so excited for him. And for me. And for our kids. And for me.

Off to Jen's for more Quick Takes.


  1. I keep see laundry mentioned in the blogosphere and I feel like it's a kick in the bum because I hate laundry and I have been avoiding it like the plague! Ha! Our youngest has decided that the only answer to all problems is mama! I hold all 25 pounds of him far too much. But like you said I love it so so much and want him to grow out of it soon! Sorry you had to pop his balloon! That must have been awful! Having to do the right thing sucks sometimes!

  2. Ahhh, their cuteness is so massive it hurts. Miss you all!

  3. Iggy has recently become obsessed with me, and while it's cute, I am ready for it to stop. At least so I can eat a meal in peace.

  4. #5=full of win
    #6=omgsquee!! That face!

  5. I love those nap photos! Awesome. And yay for an almost real weekend!!

  6. Wow. I have hundreds of children-asleep photos and that one is WAY better than anything I've got. Most definitely a WIN!

  7. I honestly feel sometimes that we're kindredspirits.

    ^thats your L.M. Montgomery reference because I TOO loved folding our daily Everest laundry pile while watching Anne. And I TOO simultaneously revere and fear nap time. And I TOO am having a terribly rough post partum post boybaby, while post girlbaby was a cup o' bliss (after initial colic).

    And... I too feel ya on the super adorable baby wanting mama only. I'm flattered and I want to perpetually kiss the cheeks out of the sheer cuteness of the stage but...enough.

  8. I love doing laundry too, Katie girl, and I think of you and Lily whenever I try to fold a t-shirt like you two. Is it in the wrist?

  9. Could that last pic of Jake be any cuter! x

  10. That picture with the sock hands...

  11. My husband just changed from a night shift to a normal person shift, with dinners and at home.
    I know how you feel. :)

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